Hire A Driver


Having your own personal Driver is as simple as one two three.

Step 1. Book your hired driver with our automated online reservations or by phone toll free 866 637 3456.

Step 2. On the day of your drive your driver will drive his car to your location, home, office or any predetermined location. He will assist you with loading your luggage. Then you will be driven in your car to the airport or your finale destination.

Step 3. Upon arrival your driver will drive your car back to the pickup location and handle the keys as instructed by you. The day of your return your driver will pick your car up and meet you at the airport, station or location of your request. Your hired driver will then drive you back to you final destination.

Hiring a driver is safe affordable and convenient.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to hire a driver.

When you hire a Uride Idrive driver you will:

  • Avoid Parking fees and driving hassle.

  • Be driven by a knowledgeable and experienced driver.

  • Have extra time to make phone calls, get work done, or even take a nap.

  • Be driven in the comfort of your own car at half the cost of a limousine or car service.

  • Our professional drivers know that your time is valuable and we always make sure the value of our service exceeds the cost of it.


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