How To Hire A Driver

Having your own personal hired driver is as simple as one two three.

Step 1) Book you ride with our automated online reservations or by phone toll free 866 637 3456. Woman with car keys showing how safe and reliable is.

Step 2) On the day of your ride our driver will drive his car to your location, home, office or any predetermined location. He will assist you with loading your luggage. Then you will be driven in your car to the airport or your finale destination.

Step 3) Upon arrival our driver will deliver your car back to the pickup location and handle the keys as instructed by you. The day of your return our driver will pick your car up and meet you at the airport, station or location of your request. Your hired driver will then drive you back to you final destination.

Hiring a driver is safe affordable and convenient.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to hire a driver.


How much does our hire a driver service cost?

The costs varies according to your needs. Please visit our hourly and airport pick up services.

Can you supply a car if needed?

Yes, at an additional rental fee.

What hours are your hired drivers available?

Our drivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you have a minimum for your hourly service?

Yes, 3 consecutive hours.

How much time in advance do I need to book a trip or schedule a driver?

We suggest 24 hours advance notice. If you do not have 24 hours, contact our office to ensure driver availability.Back seat drivers are welcome!

What if my car was to run low on gas?

If your car were to run low on gas, your driver stops at the nearest gas station and adds the necessary amount of premium fuel. You will be billed for the price of the fuel and the driver will provide you with the receipt.

What if my flight is early, delayed or canceled?

Your hired driver tracks your flight status and will adjust your pickup time accordingly. However, if your flight is canceled it is your responsibility to inform us of your new flight number.

How do I cancel?

You can contact us online or call 866-637-3456. There is a $30 cancellation fee for reservations cancelled within 3 hours of the pick up time.

To avoid a full charge for service, you must cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to reservation time.

You-Ride-I-Drive is safe affordable and convenient.

What does the driver do with my car after I am dropped off?

The driver will standby with your car and will be available as needed, or return the vehicle to your original pick up location (ex. your home, office, etc.)

Can you make multiple stops?

Yes, additional stops may incur additional charges of $15 per stop depending on the distance between locations.



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