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U-Ride-I-Drive Auto Delivery Service

Picture of car in front of the Florida home. Florida Snowbird Special $700 total driver fee.The best way to ship your auto to Florida is to let us drive it. We physically drive your car to Florida or any destination in the US. Our professional driver will pick up your vehicle within 24-48 HRS after your book your car to be shipped with us.

Not only do we ship your car to Florida we will pick you up at the airport and hand you the keys right there. If you are flying to the final destination, we can also make arrangements with you to have our driver pick you up at the airport when you land.

Ship your car to Florida with personal items in the car.

College students heading off to school or for Florida Snow birds, let us take the stress out of the move. We will deliver your vehicle with your belongings saving you the trouble of shipping them.

We are different from most auto drive-away companies:

  • We NEVER broker out your car.
  • We allow your personal property in the transported vehicle.
  • We will transport your pets so you don’t have to.

Let us take your student’s car to school

Our professional driver will drive your son or daughter to College. Or just pack the car with personal belongings and let your child fly while we drive the car to campus. Check out our College Delivery Service.

Why Choose Uride Idrive’s Auto Delivery Service?

  • We deliver your car in your time frame.
  • We pick your car up at your door step.
  • We safely deliver it within 48 to 72 hours.

*Due to Canadian Government regulations we cannot provide domestic Canadian Service, only service between Canada and the United States.

Florida Snowbird Special $699 all in Fee

Fuel and tolls are paid by you

Our specialized Florida snowbird service is safe, easy and affordable.

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